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Your fitness + nutrition coach for all stages of motherhood.

I help women prioritize their health through conception, pregnancy & mom years

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It is so important to take care of yourself as a mom! The more care you place on your own fitness and nutrition, the more confident you feel, the more energy you have, and the more you model good behaviors for your kids.

10 week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge for Busy Moms

Interested in trying out Online Coaching but not ready for a long-term commitment? Just had a baby and looking for short-term guidance. Traveling? Looking for support over a specific season?

This 10-week 1:1 Coaching Package is a great place to start.
This package includes:

  • 10 weeks of programmed workouts based on your time to workout, equipment, and specific goals.
  • Customized macros and nutrition plans based on your goals, lifestyle, and food preferences (we see it all!).
  • 1:1 check-ins with Katie via her chat features
  • Lessons, guidance, and a community of women to offer support!

What you can expect from training with me

Method by Katie Breard


You can expect a down to earth, driven, mom who “gets it”. That being said I will push you and stay on top of you.

I truly believe that my style of coaching can help you workout safely during pregnancy, heal any core dysfunction or unhappiness with your body postpartum, and stop comparing yourself to before you were pregnant and get in the best shape of your life.

There is a very specific way to train in the pre and postnatal period to preserve your core and get you the results you are looking for.

Coach Katie is doing Russian twist.
Katie is kissing her baby Beau.

Safe & effective workouts for all phases of motherhood, from full body to postpartum core coaching.

Custom nutrition plans to meet your needs

Weekly checkins for accountability & consistent support

Private & group message for access to Katie and her community of strong women

Tracking capabilities & wearable integration

All-in-one app For your needs

Nutrition Plans

A meal plan made specifically for YOU. Meals picked based on how much time you have, food preferences and how many times a day you like to eat. Your menu has the option to be as simple, complex, or family friendly as you need it to be.

Workout Plans

Fully personalized programming based on where you are in pregnancy, postpartum and any specific needs you may have. I will create a home training plan that is targeted and effective for YOU.

Personal Tracker

Together we will monitor your progress weekly to help you get the results you want. Weather it it progress pictures, a check in, or measurements - I work with you. We find the process you need to get the results you want.

Chat with me

When you sign on to work with me - I make myself available to you. You will have 24/7 support from me, directly through the app. Text or voice record any updates you have and I will respond with a recording or video. This way I am always here for you with advice, accountability and motivation!

Katie with her children - Beau and Bailey

My story

My name is Katie, and I am an online pre and postnatal coach. I am also a mom to Bailey (4) and Beau (2).

I coach moms who are recently cleared for exercise to moms with teenagers looking to get back into shape. My workouts allow you to gain lean muscle, lose body fat, and heal your core safely and effectively. My workouts are short, targeted and great use of your precious time! I also coach pregnant women who are nervous about how to work out safely during pregnancy through effective and safe strength training from home!

Coach doing side plank.
Katie is coaching one of her clients.

I became a pre and postnatal fitness specialist after a crazy second pregnancy with my son. When I was 27 weeks pregnant with Beau, my water unexpectedly broke and I lived in the hospital for months before having a c-section and then being a NICU mom.

After Beau, I was so weak I couldn’t walk. My process of getting back into shape opened my eyes to how little support there is for women in the postpartum space!
Today I coach women worldwide to feel strong, confident, and healthy in their bodies! I love supporting women to get in fantastic shape and would love to help you!

You deserve to feel confident in your body as a mom

Let me help you

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